June 2008

No matter what a guy tells you about his family jewels you can know that somewhere in the back of his mind he is thinking that he wants a bigger penis. It may be that he wants it longer or it may be that he wants his johnson wider but either way he wants it bigger.

Of course we always here from men that it is already large enough and to much for any woman to handle but this could not be further from the truth. With that said a woman can really hurt a mans ego by telling him that it is to small and can also give him more than one BIG head by telling it is the biggest she ever had.


Every guy has a stash of porn some where in his room or house do not be fooled into thinking that he does not have some because trust me when I say he does have some. it might be in magazine form or be on VHS or DVDs be I can assure you that he does have some porn somewhere in his home.

Do not be worried about how much he has if you find a lot or what ever you consider a lot in fact the more porn your man has the better lover he may be. And who knows maybe you can watch some together sometime and have fun like you never had before. Do not knock it before you try that is all I am saying.

I do not care what he tells you in public in private every guys masturbates. yes hunny even your guy and if you catch him doing so do not be mad at him sometimes it is better for a guy to go rub one out rather then try and find some other girl to dump it in.

Masturbation is actually perfectly natural and should never be told is a bad thing, now do not get me wrong anyone can over due anything and should someone every couple of hours do so he may need help but on a every other or daily basis is just fine. So now you know what every guy does, does it make you not want to shake hands anymore?

A dime piece every guy would give his left nut in order to have a dime piece or a hot girl that is ten. Now there are only so many 10s to go around so getting one is almost impossible but we can all dream about getting one. but of course why have one when you can have 2?

Every guy would give both his jewels up to have 2 dime pieces at once but we all know this never happens or if it ever does you would have a better chance at winning the lottery then being that lucky guy.

Every guy always dreads getting caught cheating on his significant other or getting caught doing it by his mom. Either one of these is a guys worst nightmare and is someting every man fears happening sometime in his short life on this planet.

Of course there are simple ways to prevent both from happening like do not cheat and do not do it anywhere your mom may happen to be but it seems like guys heads just do not click right and always end up getting caught maybe thats karma but I dunno

Every guy in the World dreams if driving the car or truck of there dreams. And right now I bet there are also a lot of guys wishing for lower gas prices. And i hate to spoil every Americans dream but gas prices are never going down and just to prove it when I did this post gas was at 4.00 a gallon for regular.

So like I was saying every guys dream is to own a dream car and if you want to make your man very happy one day find out what his favorite car is and buy it for him, this will make him fall back in love with all over again trust me.

This is where I am telling all the guy secrets there are to tell and you can believe when I tell you this stuff because I am guy and who would you rather hear it from a girl? So sit back and start to learn about men or what I like to call them guys.