August 2008

Every guy needs clothes that make him stand out from the rest and the clothes need to be clean and make who ever is wearing them look sharp. I always try and go with matching outfits for instance if I am wearing bluejeans then I try and match it with a blue long sleeve shirt. If it is to hot outside for a long sleeve then I wear a white tee with white shows along with maybe a white hat with my blue jeans.

Making sure to color match is very important and having a black blue and white outfit is something every guy should have in his closet because dressing to impress is something we always need to do when ever we leave the home!


When ever you are going to be sexually active every guy should go get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and wait for the results before having sexual intercourse and even then he should wear a condom. Of course condoms will not protect you from everything such as herpes and you should do some inspecting of what ever it is your going to be sticking your favorite thing in the world in.

The last thing you want is to pass a STD to someone and the last thing you want is one either so make sure to get tested.