Guys you have to be smart about this topic of STDs or better yet known as sexually transmitted diseases. Trust me there is nothing harder on a man consious than having to tell a loved one they may have a disease that they contracted from them. In some cases financial penalties and even criminal penalties can be imposed on people knowingly spread STDs like AIDS to a person. So first thing is go get tested for every possible virus and diseases you can at your local clinic or hospital or Drs office. Some bonus points are always given to a man that can prove via a piece of paper that he is clean or only has what he says he has. So with that said here are the top 5 STDs in America via About.coms website which has a top 10 list if your interested in reading the other 5

1. Chlamydia
2. Gonorrhea
3. Syphilis
4. Mycoplasma Genitalium
5. Trichomoniasis


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