Every guys needs a blog and since your supposed to be an adult reading this, than your going to want to get you an adult blog like the one mentioned here in the article. Of course getting one here is just as good but you make the choice of where you want to store your thoughts because that is what you are supposed to do with a blog.

Store all your favorite links and power thoughts in your blog and you will start in the right direction to making your own book of personal stuff and that is what a blog is about. So like I said every guy needs one so go get one now, hurry.


Every guy has a stash of porn some where in his room or house do not be fooled into thinking that he does not have some because trust me when I say he does have some. it might be in magazine form or be on VHS or DVDs be I can assure you that he does have some porn somewhere in his home.

Do not be worried about how much he has if you find a lot or what ever you consider a lot in fact the more porn your man has the better lover he may be. And who knows maybe you can watch some together sometime and have fun like you never had before. Do not knock it before you try that is all I am saying.