When it comes to walking right, talking right, smelling right, looking right and doing right is you have to do them all together and all right at once, otherwise you might as well not being doing any of them at all. You have no idea how many guys get most of these things right but not all them at once and because of that it makes them look dumb and never pulls off what was intended to do. Even if your not looking and have found the woman of your dreams than you need to be doing all of these even more so but for those of you looking to find that special someone it is probably because your not doing all of these right at once.

Practice all of these things every day and for all you numb skulls out there know just because you bought dinner or drinks for a woman it does not mean your getting any and never imply that you want any because of buying them. Always pay and always tip never be a cheap man now this does not mean be dumb on other financial matters down the road but on the simple things like tipping make sure to splurge.


It is so important to donate a lot of your time and stuff to the people and community around you. Think about all the little guys out there that could benefit from yur old toys and clothes and even just your ideas and jokes. I for one gave my old PlayStation 3 to my friends kid after relizing i never play it anyways compared to 3 years ago. I took all my old pants from this winter and previous ones and set aside adn donated all the ones that did not fit anymore to the salvation army. The third thing i did was donate time to help my family summerize there houses and clean up things that require a mans touch.

So there you know what i did and donated from my time and stuff now let me here your great story about what you donated and did with your time.

Killing yourself and making your teeth yellow are out!! Being healthy and active are very much in today guys. If you smoke cigarettes than you need to stop today and pick up two good habits now. There are enough things out there making you sick and to worry about killing you for you to sit around poisoning yourself with these nasty things. i do not care what excuse you have to smoke one there i snot a good enough one you can come up with to continue puffing on one.

Life is precious and you better start bettering your self everyday instead of slowing killing yourself every day trust me after a few years you will tell a difference after you have don one of those two things day in and day out.

Slow down wear your safety belt and use your turn signals yes you reading this make sure to drive like your grand mother is the car with you when ever you have anyone else in the car with you. Pay attention at all times do not goof around when you are the one behind the wheel. I hope to save a life with this post or two so please do as instructed when it comes to these basic road rules it will do you and everyone else around you a lot of good my friend.

We lose great men , women and children every day to intoxicated drivers and bad driving habits so remember to not let your friends drink and drive and never allow friends to get high and drive as there is to much at stake is this world.

If  your a man than you know that places like StarBucks are a BIG to doings now a days. Everyone always knows where the coffee shop is in town so its a great meet up place. Coffee last about 5 to 10 minutes allows time to make sure everything is right before the next step of the adventure takes place. It is great tasting and they even have food at most now.

A great place to bring friends and that special someone just make sure to tip your coffee shop employees after all can you imagine what it must be like pouring that much coffee each day for people like your self!! Remember your manners as well please and thank you show good character and never losing your temper because something is taking to long is very important to remember.

Guys you have to be smart about this topic of STDs or better yet known as sexually transmitted diseases. Trust me there is nothing harder on a man consious than having to tell a loved one they may have a disease that they contracted from them. In some cases financial penalties and even criminal penalties can be imposed on people knowingly spread STDs like AIDS to a person. So first thing is go get tested for every possible virus and diseases you can at your local clinic or hospital or Drs office. Some bonus points are always given to a man that can prove via a piece of paper that he is clean or only has what he says he has. So with that said here are the top 5 STDs in America via About.coms website which has a top 10 list if your interested in reading the other 5

1. Chlamydia
2. Gonorrhea
3. Syphilis
4. Mycoplasma Genitalium
5. Trichomoniasis

Whether or not you believe this or not it is true yes every guy is judged on 5 things in American society. When a guy meets another guy for the first time the first thing they do instinctively is start judging the other on the 5 things below.

1. His clothes
2. His job
3. His car
4. His house
5. His girl

After these 5 things are figured out than judgment comes in other ways like religious beliefs or political views and many other things so I wanted to ask all the guys out there what they judge next so chime on in with your judgments.

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