Killing yourself and making your teeth yellow are out!! Being healthy and active are very much in today guys. If you smoke cigarettes than you need to stop today and pick up two good habits now. There are enough things out there making you sick and to worry about killing you for you to sit around poisoning yourself with these nasty things. i do not care what excuse you have to smoke one there i snot a good enough one you can come up with to continue puffing on one.

Life is precious and you better start bettering your self everyday instead of slowing killing yourself every day trust me after a few years you will tell a difference after you have don one of those two things day in and day out.


When ever you are going to be sexually active every guy should go get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and wait for the results before having sexual intercourse and even then he should wear a condom. Of course condoms will not protect you from everything such as herpes and you should do some inspecting of what ever it is your going to be sticking your favorite thing in the world in.

The last thing you want is to pass a STD to someone and the last thing you want is one either so make sure to get tested.