When ever you are going to be sexually active every guy should go get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and wait for the results before having sexual intercourse and even then he should wear a condom. Of course condoms will not protect you from everything such as herpes and you should do some inspecting of what ever it is your going to be sticking your favorite thing in the world in.

The last thing you want is to pass a STD to someone and the last thing you want is one either so make sure to get tested.


Every guys needs a blog and since your supposed to be an adult reading this, than your going to want to get you an adult blog like the one mentioned here in the article. Of course getting one here is just as good but you make the choice of where you want to store your thoughts because that is what you are supposed to do with a blog.

Store all your favorite links and power thoughts in your blog and you will start in the right direction to making your own book of personal stuff and that is what a blog is about. So like I said every guy needs one so go get one now, hurry.

I do not care what he tells you in public in private every guys masturbates. yes hunny even your guy and if you catch him doing so do not be mad at him sometimes it is better for a guy to go rub one out rather then try and find some other girl to dump it in.

Masturbation is actually perfectly natural and should never be told is a bad thing, now do not get me wrong anyone can over due anything and should someone every couple of hours do so he may need help but on a every other or daily basis is just fine. So now you know what every guy does, does it make you not want to shake hands anymore?

Every guy always dreads getting caught cheating on his significant other or getting caught doing it by his mom. Either one of these is a guys worst nightmare and is someting every man fears happening sometime in his short life on this planet.

Of course there are simple ways to prevent both from happening like do not cheat and do not do it anywhere your mom may happen to be but it seems like guys heads just do not click right and always end up getting caught maybe thats karma but I dunno