Yes this equation is very true Free porn movies = Guys Heaven because to get porn movies before you had to pay for it and now thanks to for porn tube sites any man can get free porn anytime online. Whats better is that a lot of the new televisions are coming out with hard drives attached to them so you will be able to get tube sites like this right on your high definition television.

I know there are tons of tube sites out there and I wanted to do a post where men could leave there favorite tube sites in the comments so men could find more than just those in this post because I know there are lots out on the internet now and I wanted to see each one then pick the best 5 in about a year and feature them in another blog post but for now this is my top 10

1. PornHub
2. PornoTube
3. RedTube
4. Xnxx
6. Yobt
7 YourHotTube
8. DesireTube


When my girl friend first said she wanted to add some sex toys into the love making I was a little bit offended I thought at first maybe I was doing something wrong and that I was not pleasuring her enough but after getting over my emotions I tried out some lube for the first time and was like wow. It made it feel tens times better I swear. Next she tried some anal beads and she loved them very much!

I never thought that these little toys no one ever talks about really do improve the love making experience a whole lot. And if you ever get the chance you should try some out some time and a little heads up on the lube a dab will do you, trust me on this!

Every guy at some point in his life decides to go and check out some porn online and along the way he will run into sites selling things from sex movies on demand to live sex cams which are the newest fad in the online adult entertainment industry. It is natural for a guy to be curious about things especially things that feel good to him in life.

Be careful though there are plenty of scam sites on the internet that will take your personal information and do things with it that would make you very upset. but there are some trust worthy websites out there two like Live Jasmin And ImLive just two name a couple. Always do your research before giving away your personal info and make sure not to leave cookies enabled if you do not want someone checking to see where you went.

Every guy needs clothes that make him stand out from the rest and the clothes need to be clean and make who ever is wearing them look sharp. I always try and go with matching outfits for instance if I am wearing bluejeans then I try and match it with a blue long sleeve shirt. If it is to hot outside for a long sleeve then I wear a white tee with white shows along with maybe a white hat with my blue jeans.

Making sure to color match is very important and having a black blue and white outfit is something every guy should have in his closet because dressing to impress is something we always need to do when ever we leave the home!

When ever you are going to be sexually active every guy should go get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and wait for the results before having sexual intercourse and even then he should wear a condom. Of course condoms will not protect you from everything such as herpes and you should do some inspecting of what ever it is your going to be sticking your favorite thing in the world in.

The last thing you want is to pass a STD to someone and the last thing you want is one either so make sure to get tested.

Every guys needs a blog and since your supposed to be an adult reading this, than your going to want to get you an adult blog like the one mentioned here in the article. Of course getting one here is just as good but you make the choice of where you want to store your thoughts because that is what you are supposed to do with a blog.

Store all your favorite links and power thoughts in your blog and you will start in the right direction to making your own book of personal stuff and that is what a blog is about. So like I said every guy needs one so go get one now, hurry.

Every guy has a fantasy at one point in his life, mostly in his young life of him being a rock star or a movie actor or someone important. i think it is almost destined that we all feel at least if not just for moment like anything is possible even if we know that it is not. Sometimes belief is better than the real thing when it comes to having courage to just try something that we would love to do.

Trust me when I tell you this every guy has had these two dreams in his lifetime but most if not all will never be either but a BIG salute to those who try.