When it comes to walking right, talking right, smelling right, looking right and doing right is you have to do them all together and all right at once, otherwise you might as well not being doing any of them at all. You have no idea how many guys get most of these things right but not all them at once and because of that it makes them look dumb and never pulls off what was intended to do. Even if your not looking and have found the woman of your dreams than you need to be doing all of these even more so but for those of you looking to find that special someone it is probably because your not doing all of these right at once.

Practice all of these things every day and for all you numb skulls out there know just because you bought dinner or drinks for a woman it does not mean your getting any and never imply that you want any because of buying them. Always pay and always tip never be a cheap man now this does not mean be dumb on other financial matters down the road but on the simple things like tipping make sure to splurge.